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Micrometer Sight

Anschutz Target Micrometer Optics Aperture Polymer Steel Peep Sight Scope


Iris Receiver Micrometer Peep Aperture Sight


Lyman 66 JC Higgins 30 31 Receiver Micrometer Peep Aperture Sight


Lyman 57 SB Receiver Micrometer Peep Sight & Screws Savage 99 DL F Tang Safety


Lyman 66R22 66 R22 Receiver Peep Aperture Micrometer Sight Remington Model 572


Lyman 60 RSH Target Micrometer Receiver Sight & Mounting Mount Block + Screws


Mossberg S331 5331 target rifle micrometer FRONT & REAR SIGHT gun parts #TC836


Lee Enfield No4 Rifle & No5 Carbine Rear Sight Assembly / Mix n Match Components




Vintage Lyman 66R Remington Model 760 740 Rear Micrometer Reciever Sight NOS NEW


Lee Enfield No4T Sniper Rifle Genuine Items - Pick and Mix - L42, No32


Engraved 1903 Springfield Rifle sight adjusting micrometer tool. P.J. O’Hare


Vintage Lyman 66W Winchester Mod 77 Rear Micrometer Reciever Sight 66W77 NOS NEW


Vintage Lyman 66 RU Micrometer Receiver Sight for Ruger Deerstalker Parts/Repair


Lyman Model 66 Receiver Sight W77 for Winchester 77


New in Box Lyman 66R Receiver Peep Sight 66 R Remington 760, 740


Redfield 75 Micrometer Target Sight With Globe Front Sight, Excellent Condition


Lyman No. 48 Le Micrometer Sight For British Lee-Enfield JUL1219.09.01.WS


(1) Vintage Redfield Receiver Micrometer End Plate Peep Sight parts


Lyman 66 R Micrometer Rifle Sight for Remington 760, 740 Vintage Gun Sights




Vintage Redfield Gunsights Olympic? No 70KH Micrometer Receiver Sight Krag w Box


Vintage NOS Redfield 70RW Hunt Micrometer Reciever Sight Remodeled Enfield Rifle


Redfield 70S Springfield 1903 03A3 M1 M2 Micrometer Reciever Rear Sights NIB NOS


Rear pistol rifle iron Olympic Biathlon aperture Receiver micrometer Peep sight


Vintage RedField Gun Site, Olympic Micrometer Receiver Sight- BOX Only


Rear iron Biathlon Olympic aperture Receiver micrometer Peep sight


Rear iron Biathlon Olympic aperture Receiver micrometer Peep sight & base lot


Vintage Lyman marked g 52 Micrometer Peep Sight lock parts


SMITH & WESSON Original Vintage Dry Fire Practice Target 1960s Micrometer Sight


Steel Biathlon sport Olympic aperture iron Receiver micrometer Peep sight


Steel Rear pistol rifle sight Olympic Biathlon Sport diopter aperture micrometer


Lyman 48 WJS Receiver Peep Sight Winchester 54 70 Remington 700 721 722 725 etc


Lyman 66R Receiver Peep Sight Remington 760, 740, Old Model, Winchester 150, 290