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Asian Lacquer

Asian Antique Black Lacquer Chinese ART~ Teak-wood ~ Jade ~ Mother-of-Pearl


Signed Modern Dinh Hanh Lacquer Artist Painting (2) Female Nudes "I Love You"


Vietnamese Lacquer Painting


Asian lacquer painting The Adventures of Tintin In China 16x12”


Antique/Vintage Oriental Asian Black Lacquer Mother of Pearl/Abalone Art Piece


Mid-Century Signed Asian Lacquer Wood Framed Mosaic Old Man Retiring Legend


VTG Fisherman Boat Hand Paint Wall Art Decor Asian Wood Lacquer Signed 16' x 23'


Vintage Antique Japanese Asian Lacquered Inlaid Mother of Pearl Wooden Painting


Chinese carved wood and lacquer panel with mahogany frame


LARGE 24" Asian Cork Art 3D Village Pagoda Crane Trees Black Lacquer Display


Chinese Art Panels Lacquer MOP Cranes Longevity 7.5" x 19" 1970's Birds


Vietnam Original Lacquer Painting Signed 1974 Rice Field Workers Framed Vibrant


Chinese lacquer painting The Adventures of Tintin 12x8"


Persian Moaraq Lacquer Painting Signed by Artist Romantic Imagery M2407




Chinese lacquer painting girl lady beauty 10x10" Heavy Colour modern Asian art


Asian Art Wild Camellias After Snow by Lin Chun sung Dynasty Lacquer Print


Japanese woodblock print flower cart art picture in lacquer frame floral decor


Chinese lacquer painting The Adventures of Tintin 12x8"


Vietnam Orig lacquer Pham Thanh Nga b 1974 HIFAC1998 & Painters


Statue Tiger vs Eagle Lacquer Nacre Artwork


China Pottery Arts Co. Round Lacquered Wood Framed Carved Art 7-1/2"


Chinese lacquer painting The Adventures of Tintin in America 12x8" modern art


Asian Art Apricot Blossoms by Chao Chang sung Dynasty Lacquered Print Felt Back


Going pagoda Orig lacquer Pham Thanh Nga b 1974 HIFAC1998 & another painter


Pure nude lacquer Trung PHAM Chinh b1955 grad1978 VUFA lecturer


OOP orig Vietnamese lacquer Nguyen van Trung b1972 VUFA2002 & another painter


Vintage Fine Chinese wood framed Shadow Boxes Lacquer Mother of Pearl and more


Vietnam vilage orig lacquer Thang C Quoc b1986 VUFA2007 and paper painting


Ancient street Original lacquer Van Dien Nguyen b1964 VUFA1989


Orig lacquer Nguyen van Trung b1973 VUFA2002 France2007 & other painters


Orig lacquer ( 2 peaces ) Trung Van Nguyen b1972 HIFAC1997 VFAA